Expandable Habitats

Stainless Steel Locking Bowls

Expandable Habitats BOWLS and HOLDERS are both type 304 Non-magnetic
Stainless Steel. The holder bolts onto cage side or door and bowl locks into
the holder by turning a thumb screw from outside the cage. There is an
indentation around the top of the bowl that the holder ring tightens into.
This holds the bowl better inside the cage to prevent the bird from getting it loose.
locking bowls

BowlProduct #Price
24 oz. Locking Bowl
24 oz. Locking Bowl for Horizontal cage bars
Extra Bowl (no holder)
$ 26.00
$ 28.00
$ 11.00
Forever Bowl - 46 oz.
* Lifetime Guarantee
Extra Bowl (no holder)

$ 65.00
2 for 115.00
$ 24.50

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Expandable Habitats
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